Carsharing of Healing Spring Monastery and the House of inspir

Map of Healing Spring Monastery and House of Inspir

Terms of service


This Agreement aims at setting the terms of use and conditions for The proper functioning of the service is based on the rules defined by this Agreement herein. So, we invite you to read it carefully.


1. Terms of use

1.1. Registration service

  • By creating an account on, the user declares to be over 18 years old on the day of registration. Use of the Site is limited to those over the age of 18 at the time of registration.
  • By creating an account on, the user agrees to comply with this Agreement by checking the box "By checking this box, you acknowledge having read and accepted the terms of use and conditions."

1.2. Personal data

Each user agrees to provide complete and accurate personal information to facilitate the connecting of Plum Village Carsharing members and allow their identification during a ride. The user has a right to access, correct, modify and delete their personal information as required by the “Data Protection Act” n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978. The user can exercise this right by sending an email via the contact page".

1.3. Using the service

The user commits to use only in order to offer or request ridesharing (also called carpooling, liftsharing or carsharing), and to contact members of the network for the sole purpose of finding a common journey and organizing it.
The user commits to use ridesharing service information under his sole responsibility, for strictly personal, non-profit goals. The Service is strictly limited to providing an online platform that connects Drivers and Passengers to car sharein a private capacity. The Site and the Service may not be used to connect Drivers and Passengers to car share, offer or accept ridesharing for profit or in any commercial or professional context.
The user agrees to use the ridesharing service in accordance with regulations in force, and in particular not to use it to display, download, send and / or transmit any content that by way of example but not to be limited to are illegal or violates the rights of third parties or are defamatory or encourages the use of prohibited substances.
The user acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for the content of correspondence of any kind that is exchanged with other users.

2. Good Conduct Charter during a ridesharing

Ridesharing is based on a mutual agreement between ridesharers-drivers and passengers-which involves:

  • Following the previously established agreements (collecting time, pick-up places or drop-offs).
  • Respecting the pre-agreed conditions on cost contribution or alternating use of a vehicle.
  • Updating personal dataregularly.
  • Following the basic rules of safety, hygiene and courtesy.

2.1. Driver’s obligations

Each user fulfilling the role of the driverduring a trip must:

  • Check that the vehicle is in perfect working order and in good standing with the mandatory security checks.
  • Not take any risks at the wheel and not absorb any hazardous product which could alter their capacity to drive vigilantly and safely.
  • Hold a valid driving license.
  • Be insured for travel and make sure their insurance policy has a civil liability clause covering the passengers in case of accidents.
  • Adopt safe driving and scrupulously abide by all road rules and laws of the countries in which they are driving

2.2. Passenger’s obligations

Each user fulfilling the role of the passenger during a ride must:

  • Avoid completely distracting the driver while driving.
  • Comply with preferences set by the driver/car-owner such as smoking and the transportation of pets.
  • Leave the car in which they are transported clean and tidy.

2.3. Cost sharing

The principle of ridesharing is based on a cost-sharing or/and alternating driving of a vehicle. This agreement is directly concluded between ridesharers. Any money exchanges between drivers and passengers must be done within the limits of normal compensation for gas, toll and parking without any profit.

3. Liability of Atelier Rennes Web

Atelier Rennes Web is an association law 1901 which develops and manages the carpooling website

3.1. Service availability

Atelier Rennes Web reserves the right to discontinue its services at any time without notice and without liability to users, especially in view of upgradeable maintenance-preventively or remedially.

3.2. Modifying the terms of use and conditions

Atelier Rennes Web reserves the right to modify the terms of use and conditions at any time.

3.3. Liability during ridesharing

Atelier Rennes Web disclaims all liability for any direct or indirect damage to persons and property which may occur during a trip or, in general, as a result of using the ridesharing service.
Atelier Rennes Web declines any responsibility in case of non-respect of the commitments of the persons concerned and also in the event of incident or accident.

3.4. Suspension or Withdrawal from the Service

In the event of non-compliance by the user of all or part of this Agreement herein, users acknowledge and accept that Atelier Rennes Web can exercise, without warning or prior notification, the right to exclude the user from the service and to suspend or interrupt permanently the user’s account.